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Stand-Up Tanning

Our Stand-Up Tanning Unit is a Deluxe Tanses TT with an extra bulb in each panel compared to a standard tanning bed, as well as Bronzing Sun PLUS bulbs delivering optimal results and a long-lasting tan!

We follow Smart Tan Guidelines by recommending that each client follows a tanning schedule (see below) to get the best tan possible, as safely as possible.

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Our Packages

No Contract:

1-Week Unlimited $38

2-Week Unlimited $50

3-Week Unlimited $66

4-Week Unlimited $80

These packages cannot be shared.


Unlimited with Monthly Auto-Payment $69

Includes 5% off ALL Retail Products

Cancel Any Time After 2 Months

This package cannot be shared.


Per Session (1 Year Expiry):

6 Sessions for $39

12 Sessions for $72

30 Sessions for $156

These packages can be shared between 2 people.

Single Session Stand-Up Tan:

Pay per Session $10

*As per government regulations, only those aged 18+ are able to use the Tanning Bed.

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Do I need to use a Tanning Lotion?

We highly recommend using a lotion while tanning, applied immediately before getting in the tanning bed. In order to obtain a tan, you need moisture, oxygen, and light.


Many tanning lotions also contain accelerators and bronzers to speed up the tanning process. We offer a wide range of professional grade tanning lotions to help you maximize your tan!

What should I wear while Tanning?

You should come to your appointment in loose, comfortable clothing to prevent any bronzers in your tanning lotion from smudging.


Upon entering the tanning room, most clients will fully disrobe to avoid tan lines, however it is on to wear an undergarment or bathing suit if you want to have a tan line.

It is also mandatory to wear protective eyewear / goggles and keep you eyes closed while in the tanning unit.

What do I do if I burn?

Sun burn is unfortunately one of the risks we take when tanning indoors or outdoors. If you develop a burn, stop tanning until it is fully healed, and apply aloe vera to the burned area. If you continue to tan while you have a burn, you risk making it worse, and you will only tan on the unburned areas, leaving you with an uneven tan.

How many sessions will it take to get a tan?

Most people will begin to notice results after their 4th tan, with a good tan developing after 6 sessions. This is based on tanning 2-3 times weekly. 

To maintain your tan, we recommend to tan at least once per week.

*Must be 19+ to tan.

*Do not tan while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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