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Our Facials are now booked based on time and brand. What's the difference with the added time? The longer you're with us, the more add-ons, masques, exfoliants, and massage you'll be getting! We carry over 50 different facial products in our treatment rooms to better be able to choose what is best for you! If you're not sure when booking, you can choose either one based on timing and we can adjust if needed upon arrival. 


While both brands will offer great results, we have a wider range of specialized products in our Nelly line, and more of a whole-self wellness approach in our Aveda services. You will love them both as they are equally valuable in reaching towards your skincare & wellness goals! Every facial also comes with an at-home skin care product & regime recommendation from our highly skilled estheticians.

Aveda Facials

Aveda 60 Minute Facial, $109

Aveda 75 Minute Facial, $135

Aveda 90 Minute Facial, $160

All of our Aveda facials are more “Calming” and include traditional Aveda rituals: foot soak, consultation, breathing techniques, aroma journey, massage, and of course an incredible healing, relaxing facial treatment customized to your skin's needs. 


Nelly De Vuyst Facials

Nelly De Vuyst 60 Minute Facial, $95

Nelly De Vuyst 75 Minute Facial, $135

Our Nelly De Vuyst Facials are more “Repairing”, while also amazing in their own way, they take a more specialized approach for specific skin concerns. 




$15 (substitution)

$20 (add-on)

These masks can be added to any of our Facials or Laser treatments to help soothe and reduce redness or inflammation. Once applied, the masks then solidify creating a unique vacuum seal allowing your skin to absorb the potent benefits of all natural ingredients.

Eye Contour, $55

Anti-aging corrective eye contour treatment to control the visible signs of aging. This complete eye contour treatment includes serums made of marine elastin and collagen, creams and masks with DNA. Wrinkles are plumped, skin is firmer and glowing in less than 30 minutes.

High Frequency, $14

Add a high-frequency to your treatments for the face to reduce redness and inflammation, or the scalp for a stimulating and relaxing sensation.


Body Treatments

Relaxation Massage

30-minute, $60

45-minute, $72

60-minute, $92

Hot Stone Massage 45-minutes, $95

Hot Stone Massage 60-minutes, $119

Hot Stone Foot & Leg $69

Signature Body Treatment, $125.00

Double Cleanse, Hot Towel, Scrub, Steam, Extraction, Masque, Massage, all done on the Back, customized to fit your skin type.

BioAcne Body Treatment, $229.00

Double Cleanse, Hot Towel, Scrub, BioAcne Salicylic Acid Peel, Neutralizer, Steam, Extraction, Masque, Massage, all done on the Back, customized to fit your skin type.

Oleaslim Body Treatment, $189

Cleanse, Hot Towel, Oil Treatment, Body Wrap, Massage

Oleaslim is a specialized line created to visibly reduce the appearance of localized cellulite and improve body contour.


So what should I book based on my skin concerns?

Pore Cleansing: Hydrodermabrasion or Nelly de Vuyst 75 Minute

Anti-Aging: Nelly de Vuyst 75 Minute

Acne: Nelly de Vuyst 75 Minute

Relaxation as a Priority: Any Aveda Facial

Rosacea or Sensitivity: Nelly de Vuyst 60 Minute

Not Sure or Just Starting: Nelly de Vuyst 60 Minute

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