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Body Contouring: FAQ

Pimp My Nails Plus and Body Contouring Rather than the traditional intensive surgery, our Aestheticians apply radio frequency devices on flush fat to remove excess body weight. During the body contouring process, noninvasive machines work on particular body parts with the help of radio frequency waves. The fat cells beneath the skin surface are heated and vibrated by this procedure.

As a result, fat liquefies and discharges into the bloodstream, and is disposed of through the lymphatic system. The outcomes vary from person to person depending on his/her body type and health history. Though, the most obvious results of this body contouring treatment are as follows:

  • Reduce cellulite and tighten skin as a result of elastin fibers and new collagen production.

  • Decreased circumference due to the release of fat cells.

  • A firm and contoured aesthetic.

  • Painless and non-invasive.

How Many Sessions are Needed for Best Results? In most of the situations, individuals will observe the outcomes after the first session. However, they must undergo 6-12 sessions in order to get optimal results. Pimp My Nails Plus and Sharplight suggests the total number of sessions on the basis of individuals’ age, treated area, and weight. You will be amazed to know that this process is not invasive! Furthermore, it does not involve any downtime. What to expect at your treatment The first part of each session almost feels like a hot stone massage. The calming environment of our laser treatment room and our professional aestheticicans makes for a relaxing service. Towards the end of the service, some clients may experience slight discomfort from the heat, however this part doesn't last long - and it's where the magic happens! After your service we recommend to stay active and drink lots of water to allow your body's lymphatic system to promptly release the by-products of the treatment. For best results, a customized treatment scheduled under the recommendation of your technician should be followed. Areas That Can Be Treated RF Body Contouring can get rid off stubborn fat in the following areas:

  • Upper and lower abdomen (stomach)

  • Arms

  • Hips

  • love handles

  • Inner and outer thighs

  • Bra fat

  • Buttocks

  • Upper and lower back

Precaution It must be kept in mind that Radio Frequency doesn’t harm fat cells; instead, it releases their contents. This means the fat cells are able to store fat again. Therefore, a well-balanced diet is a perfect way to get long-lasting results. Avoid an unhealthy diet if you have undergone this weight loss procedure. Otherwise, you may start putting on weight again. Final Verdict Be very careful in choosing your medical aesthetic care so that you can get optimum results. An experienced Laser Technician with an Esthetics or Medical Esthetics course working alongside a Medical Esthetician is imperative to ensuring a safe and effective treatment. If you are looking for the best weight loss results using advanced laser technology, then Pimp My Nails Plus is an ideal choice for you.

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