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CC Peel: Carbon Facial

Often referred to as the “Hollywood facial,” the Carbon Facial Peel is a revolutionary laser treatment which delivers the benefits of aggressive skin rejuvenation procedures instantly, without the discomfort or downtime typically associated with such treatments.

The Carbon Peel is an essential part of many A-list celebrities’ beauty regimes and is presently one of the most coveted treatments in Hollywood, which is now available in Labrador West. The peel rejuvenates and stimulates dull or damaged skin, instantly revealing a more youthful and glowing complexion. Customized treatment plans for the face and body may advise a single session for a quick pre-event glow, or on-going treatments for anti-aging and repair of skin conditions including acne scars, enlarged pores, pigmentation and fine lines.

Facial Treatment: Carbon is applied, removed with the Laser leaving refreshed, exfoliated skin

(No Discomfort, No Downtime)

Skin Types 1-4 / No Tanning

Services start at $189. For specific pricing, please inquire at a Free Consultation. Prices will vary by body area size.

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