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Fully Customized Laser Facial

Trusted Touch

Now Available! 

1 hour 15 mins - $300

The ‘Trusted Touch’ Facial Treatment with Tiffany Brinston

You have enough on your mind without deciding which facial treatment will give you the best results. During your one hour appointment with Tiffany she will address your concerns, do a full consultation, pamper you, and put you on the right path to getting the great skin you’re looking for.

Our Treatment Room is equipped with industry-leading technology, which Tiffany will use (along with her expertise and intuition) to treat any of the following concerns: tone, texture, tightening, brightness, capillaries, sun spots, fine lines, vascular lesions, facial hair, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, dullness, crepeness, redness, acne, and clarity. 

To book an appointment, follow the link below to our online booking and book under the 'Trusted Touch" in the Laser Facials section. 

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